Griddle cafe – breakfast LA style

French toast in the Griddle Cafe

Delicious and divine are my impressions of the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood Hills. Every trip to the USA finds me trying out a variety of pancake houses and breakfast cafes. This was undoubtedly the best. We stepped in, surrounded by the local celebs one Sunday morning and joined the queue. Friendly waiters greeted us whilst the chefs could be seen and heard across the room clattering, chattering and cooking up a storm.

The atmosphere was buzzing with the sense of contented customers gorging on their favourite delights. I strained my neck to view a few plates and had to blink twice at the size of the portions. Even for America, these portions were HUGE! Matt tucked into eggs Benedict, whilst Ginny and I attempted to make a dent in our French toast. There was salt butter dripping all over it, sprinkled with sugar. The bacon rashers were cured with maple syrup and as long as my arm. We did attempt to have something healthy and ordered an avocado salad to go with it…. If you hit LA, make sure you visit the Griddle Cafe. I’m dreaming of it right now..


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