Oriental monkfish


Oriental monkfish

Where do I start with this one? I’m resisting the urge to just say ‘crap’. But that’s not constructive. Where did I go wrong? For a start I veered away from my favourite chef Jamie and tried out a recipe from my Get Sizzling! book which has recipes specially for use with your griddle pan. I love sizzling food and thought I’d give this recipe a go. Monkfish is exquisite – a very thick, fleshy texture that’s quite chewy to taste. I felt a touch unsatisfied after trying this recipe and it’s probably because there are quite a few ingredients but you only cook the fish. Boring…. Matt loved it which is something positive but I doubt I’ll try it again. Maybe I put too much soya sauce? If you do try it, let me know how you get on.
Recipe 3 / Month 3 / Fish meal 3
Oriental Monkfish

Difficulty: easy to make but very fiddly with lots of ingredients

Taste: chewy and succulent but too many ‘bits’
Verdict: Not my cuppa tea.

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