The perfect pancake

Is there such a thing as the perfect pancake?  New season, new quest!  I’ve been scouring recipes from the usual suspects (Delia, Nigella, Miss Dahl), and even the lazy packet route.  Before I blast away about my findings, I’d also like to throw in the Guyanese ‘bakes’ into the mix.  They aren’t termed as pancakes but could be considered quite similar depending on which version you go for (sweet flat ones or doughy round ones).  I’ve always preferred the sweet flat ones and grew up making these when you fancy a snack, don’t have much time or many ingredients – perfect result every time.  Basically you just mix flour, water and sugar together and dollup out a tea-spoon into a hot pan thinly lined with butter.

So back to the quest for the perfect pancake – this week I tried out  Nigella’s American pancake recipe.  Quite easy and they looked quite inviting, especially if you decide to use a ‘griddle pan’..except… she tells you to add ‘two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda’.  DON’T DO IT.  I wish I’d used my intuition and just added half a teaspoon.  The result: lovely looking pancakes, very doughy and light to the touch with a strong hint of ‘acid’.  Not my best.  I did manage to salvage something edible by frying up lots of crispy bacon and drowning it in maple syrup (which is obligatory anyway).

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