New Year channa

I can’t believe it’s the middle of January already.  Sorry for my new year’s absence but kick starting back into work and the trauma of being on a schedule (rather than lazy Christmas days) has delayed my blogging.

I’ve been fortunate to have virtually met a fellow Guyanese cook who has a wonderful blog at  Her Christmas posts about Pepperpot and plaited bread were heart warming.  We also ate Pepperpot on Boxing day (courtesy of my mum!).    I’m also wondering how many other Guyanese families ate fried channa on New Year’s eve?  My parents used to make this and give us all a small portion to eat whilst the year was turning (or after the stroke of midnight).

Traditionally they said it was to symbolically remember our humble roots as a sign that we will always want for nothing (or always have enough).  It’s quite delicious and needs a little prep – just soak over night and then fry with garlic, onions, a little seasoning and herbs.  Yum yum.


Stir fried channa


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