My kitchen the 24-7 diner

Brioche French Toast

Family breakfast

It’s tough maintaining your passion for cooking and experimenting with food when quite frankly you just have to keep everyone fed and happy.  I’ve calculated that with a child at school and a toddler at home, I’m daily preparing: 3 meals, 3 variety snacks, 1 lunch box, 1 post dinner/pre-bedtime growth spurt snack, the occasional 2am shout-out for milk or a banana (not always fulfilled) just for them.  So on top of my own nutritious, home-made meals for Matt and I, I’m basically running a 24-7 diner.   I’m also running out of ideas for what to feed the children.  In the early days I used to live by Annabel Karmel.  I love her recipes and daily/weekly planners.  Love them!  Two children later, I’m winging it and really need a bit of inspiration to change up the routine.  Anyone else feeling my vibe?

What do you do for your children’s dinner?  Sometimes I make one meal for all of us, like a huge spaghetti bolognese or chicken & egg fried rice.  But there are times when you need to fix them something quick.  At weekends we eat all of our meals together so that’s much easier – fry ups or pancakes for breakfasts, and always a Sunday roast.


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