About Wendy

Since as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved to cook.  My parents are from Guyana and my childhood memories are of my Mum’s ‘cook-up rice’, and my Grandmother’s ‘plaited bread, fried bakes and coconut rock-buns’.   At home, the kitchen was always buzzing with cultural infusions, as Guyanese heritage has been influenced by several colonial powers (Spanish, French, Portuguese now northern Brazil, British and Dutch).

I’m a passionate cook who loves trying and customising recipes and an amateur photographer who enjoys immortalising meals through photography.  My Guyanese heritage and British upbringing finds me experimenting and fusing several cultures in my cooking.  As a mum, I’m always on the hunt for new ideas to enthuse children about food and cooking.  Mealtimes are sometimes fun, often chaotic and always messy but never dull.

My blog is a discussion about dishes I love to prepare, challenges I face in the kitchen and some recipes which you may wish to try out.


5 thoughts on “About Wendy

  1. Hi! My blogging partner and I are going to feature Guyanese food on our blog, which is a first for us. We’re looking for traditional recipes and dishes that are must haves, along with some guidance on how to prepare them. I found your blog through Caribbean kitchen. Would you mind helping us? So far, Jehan at Jehan Can Cook has suggested dahl puri, pine tarts, curry and roti, cook up rice, etc. I’d love to hear what you’d suggest too! contact {at} duodishes {dot} com 🙂

    • Thanks for getting in touch, sounds like a great idea. I’ll get in touch and recommend Pepperpot or Souse which are very traditional Guyanese dishes.

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